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Our team is committed to your growth goals by proudly representing tested methodologies and sales strategy.

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Leadcrafters, services include content syndication; custom, targeted B2B contact list development; account profiling and competitive research; phone-based lead nurturing campaigns; appointment setting services; inbound lead qualification; and CRM data-base cleansing. Lead crafters delivers high quality, cost effective services and programs, tailored to address each customer’s unique requirements. Lead crafters has a proven track record of helping some of the SMB’s technology companies drive revenue.

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Find potential Accounts | Devise & Implement Strategy | Deliver Customized Content | Convert Prospect into Sales

Why chose us

Leadcrafters is Leading B2B Market Intelligence service provider working closely with organizations across the globe. Our offerings encompass end-to-end marketing service solutions following is a brief summary of our services which may be value to your esteemed organization:

Customize B2B list Building-prospect uncovering/Contact Discovery.

Fast Data and focused data for running efficient Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email and White Paper opt-ins &Attendee Registration for Events/Webinar

Lead Generation & B2B Telemarketing from demand to Appointment Generation.

Industries & Clients

Leadcrafters’ approach is based on the premise that Telemarketing will always remain the most valuable guide for marketing communication. Adopting that as a command, we have built a highly scalable and global voice platform for delivering highly personalized marketing messages for its prestigious clients.Lead Crafters has served clients in may Industries across the globe. Some are worth to mention.


With campaigns such as Cloud, VOIP among other enterprise solutions, we offer marketing plans for the ITES.


Lead Crafters has worked for more that 5 years on campaigns from the Insurance Industry.

Health Care

We understand the emerging market trends of the health Industry. As one of our specialties in B2B marketing.


For years, Lead Crafters done process outsourcing client base in the commerce industries.