Lead Generation

Reach out to new interested prospects, at a glance

Looking for exclusive sales qualified leads?

Leadcrafters conducts custom implementation for every new customer to ensure that we’re not only the right fit, but that we can meet our own stringent quality assurance requirements. Depending on your needs and market type, we’ll craft a tailored lead generation process using the latest tools and techniques. 

Marketing Qualified Lead

Getting a marketing qualified lead makes it easier for you to sift through the dirt. We identify MQLs to ensure that your sales and marketing team are both focused on a set of prospects who meet specific criteria.

Sales Qualified Lead

The focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and growth in a company’s products and/or services is the core to organic growth. Lead Crafters builds awareness and interest to nurture leads.

Find potential leads, when they are warm


Lead Crafters provides you with qualified sales opportunities by helping you reach and engage potential customers.


Email Lead Generation

Leadcrafters has access to one of the largest phone verified, opted-in B2B
database that has been organically developed over the years. And, this database continues to grow rapidly! This database is segmented by the demo-graphic information based on some common B2B lead generation filters (i.e., employee size, industry, job title/job function, revenue, etc.). Incrementally, we now have the ability to leverage our proprietary tool that can now segment our audience based on embedded technology cross- referenced with specific vendors at an account level with associated user groups.

Systematized and streamlined Marketing

Is your sales funnel streamlined?